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DJ TrueWind's journey began one night while attending Club Catchlight in Downtown Seoul, South Korea.


Upon hearing repetitive tracks and a lack of genre variety, he decided to adopt a particular style that reflected his cultural background as well as his desire for people to dance regardless of the music that's playing.


Having had experience with DJ'ing for more than 8 years, and VJ'ing for 4 years  in 5 different countries (Brazil, Canada,  Mexico, S. Korea & USA)  within several type of Events, DJ TrueWind is flexible with musical selection, guaranteeing you a customizable service.


By embracing the use of Music & Videos in his performances, DJ TrueWind guarantees that your senses will experience music in a totally different manner.

About DJ TrueWind

Music & Videos

The total immersion of your senses

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