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DJ TrueWind offers Professional Audio-Visual Entertainment that can be tailored to your needs.


DJ Service

VJ Service

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Music is an expression of one's personality, of one's tastes, and of one's life. Like all personalities, music is expressed through different sounds, languages, and rythms. However, in the same way personalities can clash if not mixed properly, knowing what song to play next and how to mix it in is essential to ensure a succesful event.


DJ TrueWind will ensure that your musical tastes will be satisfied and expressed. Afterall, this is an event for you and for your Guests to enjoy!

Music is an essential part of any event, however Video-Mixing allows me to take entertainment to a whole new level. By involving audio visual elements within any event, not only  are more of the audience's senses being engaged, but the event is likely to become even more unforgettable!


DJ TrueWind carries a large collection of music videos covering several genres and time spans in the highest possible quality, guaranteeing a professional audio-visual service.


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