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DJ TrueWind's journey into music began one night while attending Club Catchlight in Downtown Seoul, South Korea.

Upon hearing repetitive tracks and a lack of genre variety, he decided to adopt a particular style that reflected his cultural background as well as his desire for people to dance regardless of the music that's playing.


TrueWind's evolution began by embracing the use of Music & Videos in his performances, combining audio and visual into a seamless performance with a vast musical genre selection. Nowadays, given the Pandemic's restrictions on the music industry, TrueWind wastes no time by releasing his newest tracks: "Seems Like Forever" & "Incipio Love".

Having had experience with DJ'ing for more than 12 years, and VJ'ing for 8 years in 5 different countries (Brazil, Canada, Mexico, S. Korea & USA) within several type of Events, DJ TrueWind's wide wealth of music will undoubtedly leave you wanting for more.

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